We’re proud to be a Canadian business, but that’s just the start of our story.

Canadian Health & Care Mall is the leading worldwide provider of high-quality prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, supplements, and supplies. We’re even prouder to be a full-service healthcare partner for patients and medical institutions, focusing on optimal health outcomes and compassionate service and care for every one of our valued clients.

Serving every category of client and medical facility

  • Men and women, ages 18+
  • Teens, children, and infants
  • Expecting mothers
  • Patients with all types of disabilities
  • Relatives and other caregivers
  • Residents of assisted and palliative care facilities
  • Patients in specialized and long-term care
  • Doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals
  • Social workers and public safety officials
  • Pets and other animals

In our 25+ years of expert service, we’ve been honored to assist hundreds of thousands of patients, caregivers, and facilities with their healthcare needs — and not only by supplying top-quality medications at low cost. Our experienced, licensed pharmacists consult with every client the same way they’d treat a family member: listening, understanding, and providing pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions designed to meet their conditions, needs, and budgets.

Providing every type of medication, OTC product and supplement

One of the many benefits of working with Canadian Health & Care Mall is that you’ll never be told that a medication is unavailable or on backorder. We have one of the largest inventories of brand-name and generic drugs anywhere, and if we don’t regularly stock the rare prescription you need, we can find it for you almost immediately.

Of course, some types of meds are constantly in demand and we can ship them the same day you order. They include treatments for:

  • Heart health
  • Blood pressure
  • Pain relief
  • Asthma and COPD
  • Male and female sexual health
  • Hormones
  • Weight control and diet
  • Supplements of all types
  • Pet and animal medications

Your personal pharmacists, available around the clock

Canadian Health & Care Mall specializes in personalized patient care, which is why our licensed pharmacists are available 24/7 to provide individual consultations and answer questions and inquiries.

Just some of the services our pharmacy team is ready to provide day or night:

  • Answering questions about individual medications’ effects, side effects, possible drug interactions, and proper dosing
  • Providing price quotes and explaining billing options
  • Suggesting alternatives for prescribed medications, including other brand-name drugs or generic versions which may be less expensive
  • Helping with cost-reducing approaches for prescribed medications including coupons, discounts, sales, bulk orders, loyalty programs, patient assistance programs, free shipping, reviews, and testimonials
  • Filling or refilling prescriptions
  • Assisting family members with advice and prescriptions for patients in at-home or palliative care
  • Arranging shipment via either postal mail or special courier service (available in most parts of the world)
  • Handling any other questions or issues clients may have

We’re proud of the personalized attention we provide for every Canadian Health & Care Mall client. It’s one of the aspects of our attention to patient care and optimal health outcomes that has made us the worldwide leader in complete pharmaceutical care.

Trusted by clients for more than 25 years

Lots of websites selling medications have sprung up during the 25+ years that Canadian Health & Care Mall has been in business. Most didn’t stay in business very long. There’s a simple reason for that: patients couldn’t trust them to deliver the high-quality prescriptions, supplements, products, and service that are the hallmark of our operations.

We carefully created Canadian Health & Care Mall in a way that would guarantee the trust of our clients and partners.

  1. First and foremost was our mission to dedicate ourselves to optimizing the well-being and health outcomes of our customers. Our #1 concern is always for what’s best for the patient, even if it means a lower profit for the company; that’s what drives us to always find the lowest possible cost for all of the medications and products we sell. Clients trust us because they know we care about them and their health.
  2. By extension, we knew that we had to be available with knowledgeable and caring advice and care whenever patients needed us. That meant having expert, licensed pharmacists available 24 hours a day to immediately handle clients’ consultations, orders, questions, and problems. Knowing we’re here for them day and night gave patients another reason to trust us.
  3. The products we provide had to engender the same level of trust, and that’s why we’ve always sourced our drugs, supplements, and other health supplies from major manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards of effectiveness, safety, and quality.
  4. Finally, we emphasized continuing education for all staff members so we were always ahead of trends and aware of the latest breakthroughs in medicine and pharmaceuticals, and we created systems and formed partnerships that would ensure efficient processing and quick delivery of orders and ideal customer experiences.

That’s the Canadian Health & Care Mall formula for building and keeping the trust of the patients who entrust us with safeguarding their health. After 25 years, we’re proud of how well it’s worked and the reputation we’ve built.

Serving medical facilities as well as patients and caregivers

We believe Canadian Health & Care Mall provides the finest service for patients and their caregivers. We do just as much to help hospitals, clinics, care facilities, and medical professionals to serve their patients’ pharmaceutical needs, partnering with the full range of medical institutions.

  • We’re a preferred provider of drugs, non-prescription medications, and health supplies, supplying regular supplies on facilities’ schedules and sourcing hard-to-find products.
  • We help institutions and offices create optimal medication ordering and delivery systems.
  • We provide consultations on the full range of scheduling, medication reviews, storage, record keeping, and auditing necessary to track drug distribution and prepare necessary reports.
  • We offer continuing education programs to help institutions’ staff members stay abreast of developments and new rules involving drug usage and administration.

Numerous medical facilities have partnered with Canadian Health & Health Care Mall to receive these services, and they tell us they’re grateful for our ability to improve and streamline their patient pharmaceutical services.

Canadian Health & Care Mall: Here Today, Here for Good

We’ve been here for more than 25 years, and we’re looking forward to the next 25 years. We pledge to continue delivering safe and effective medications and other supplies at the lowest possible cost, provide the ultimate in caring patient care, and remain on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical healthcare solutions.

Please feel free to contact us day or night to learn more about Canadian Health & Care Mall, and how we can help you with your prescription and healthcare needs. We look forward to speaking with you.